Our Mission

To help clients build better futures for themselves and their families.

Why we do what we do

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship, so we think it's important for clients to understand our motivations. Ultimately, it's these motivations that shape our firm, our relationships, and our impact on clients' futures. 

As cliche as it sounds, we truly believe that the most fulfilling thing we can do with our lives is to help those we care about achieve their goals. This is our core mission, it's what drives us every day, and it's why chose to build our own firm where we can control the business decisions in order to achieve this mission.

What does it mean to be independent?

The relationships between Clients and Advisors is the foundational core of our industry; Advisors build their practices by building these relationships. How Advisors service their clients is where things get somewhat convoluted, so we'll look at two ends of the spectrum:1

On one end of the spectrum are Advisors who rely on one firm to provide all their infrastructure needs. These advisors benefit from the convenience of not having to worry about managing the needed infrastructure components, but for this benefit they usually give up the ability to make business decisions for the firm. These Advisors are typically considered employees of the firm providing the services and infrastructure.

On the other end of the spectrum are Advisors who build their own infrastructure through partnerships with various firms. They don't get the benefit of convenience from a one-stop-shop, but they benefit by being able to control the business decisions and build the firm they think is best. These Advisors are typically Independent Advisors usually structured as Registered Investment Advisors "RIAs". Continuum Wealth Management LLC falls under this category.

To us, being independent means we can build the kind of firm our clients want and need. 



1This is a non-exhaustive list.