How We're Different

At Continuum Wealth Management we believe independence is crucial to providing clients with  


to provide clients with the best   

The reason we moved into the independent channel, starting our own firm 

as full-time Fiduciaries 


Bigger usually means less time for clients.






Expertise: we've worked extensively with High and Ultra-High Net Worth clients, so our skillset is . 


provide for generations to come

out skillset and tools is working with clients with a high level of omplexity and needs. 



We'll be here for the long run: with the average advisor age nearing 60 year old it's becoming harder to find quality, experienced teams that will be here for you for the majority of your life. We're planning on working with our clients until we no longer ca


Firm tailored to our clients' needs: we've built our firm to meet the specific needs of our clients. This strucutre allows to to move fast and make changes where needed.


Capacity: we believe that being a trusted partner for our clients means giving them the attention they deserve. Unlike other advisors

this allows us to give them the level the care and attention needed for complex situations 

takes more time because we need to give 

managing our capacity in a way where we can give them the time they deserve.

unlike typical advisors who have hundreds of clients we eep 

we keep our client base small because our client 

working withh a handful of clients so we can provide the best service 

Unlike other advisors that typically have hundreds if not thousands of clients, our target client ratio is 20 to each advisor. 


Education: we want to make sure our clients are comfortable with 

also next gen - budgeting to behaviroal finance


behaviroal fin



Behavioral coaching: behavioral finance has grown to become an important field of study for investors as it deals with common biases that tend to result in investment mistakes. We take the time to educate our clients on these psychological pitfalls so they can better understand their 'investment wiring' which helps to ensure they stay on track. 


Psychological evaluation to align our styles: we begin every relationship with an evaluation that helps us better understand how our clients make decisions and how to best communicate with them. This ensures we're aligned with what they need. 


24/7 service: we're here for our clients around the clock. can add to capacity too


Transparency: acting as a fiduciary we do everything in the best interests of our clients. We ensure clients are always aware and comfortable 

we attempt to eliminate conflicts of interest wherever possible, so we do not sell any commissionable products; we charge a fee on assets under management. As the saying goes, "we make money when you make money". 


Innovative: complacency is the killer of excellence. We've seen enough complacency in the industry to see the negative impact it can have on client outcomes, so it's our number one enemy. We strive to constantly push ourselves to stay abreast of the latest industry knowledge and current events. 

use tech

stay on top of the changing industry

we're not your grandfather's broker

Reiterate -- a typical wirehouse is built for the lowest common denominator, build for the masses, not specifically for the clients we need. What we had in mind when building this firm was to build from the ground up a firm that aligns specifically for our clients. This firm is build specifically