Our Investment Philosophy

Use Modern Portfolio Theory 'MPT' to build and manage diversified portfolios that take the least amount of estimated risk required to achieve client goals. Use statistical software to monitor and stress test client portfolio allocation to ensure portfolio expectations align with client risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals. 

Our Process

We believe objectivity is crucial to provide better client outcomes; therefore data drives our processes. We will always tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. This dependence on data and objectivity is why we rely on statistical tools to help forecast and align client portfolios with their goals.

1.) Custom Financial Plan


The financial plan allows us to look at everything our clients are trying to accomplish and model out the potential outcomes so we can best align decisions and portfolios for desired outcomes. The plan becomes the foundation for all our recommendations so we can ensure maximum objectivity. 

  • Savings needs

  • Spending analysis

  • Distribution analysis

  • Insurance needs analysis

  • Risk tolerance analysis

  • Stress testing portfolios to obtain potential range of future outcomes

  • Decision analysis (e.g., model out financing a home vs. purchasing outright)

  • Estate planning needs analysis

  • Social Security maximization

2.) Custom Portfolio


Build efficient portfolios using our investment philosophy, Modern Portfolio Theory "MPT" and Monte Carlo stress testing to align with financial plan/goals.

  • Add sophisticated investments, like Alternative Investments, to lower correlation and overall risk

  • Risk management through Options Overlays

  • Index areas of low alpha, like large-cap stocks, outsource areas of potentially high alpha, like international and Small Cap/Micro Cap stocks.

  • Take into consideration any tax ramifications relating to changes in client portfolios

  • Always consider fee drag vs. potential performance gain

  • Always give all-in costs

  • Use quantitative statistical techniques to run stress tests and hypotheticals to ensure portfolio risk is aligned for client goals

3.) Monitor and update


Adjust your financial plan and portfolio for changes in your life. We model out various financial decisions as they come up to keep you aligned with your goals.

Ongoing Client Education

Understanding is essential for client peace of mind. Making sure our clients are well-versed in investing and planning means surprises should be few and far between. When our clients' expectations are realistically aligned we can help maximize their outcomes.

We strive for comfort and alignment with all our recommendations and strategies, so we'll spend as much time as needed to make sure we're all on the same page.


Behavioral Coaching


Behavioral Coaching is an important part of our ongoing client education as it often represents the biggest risk to clients achieving their financial goals. We educate clients on investing biases, heuristics, and other important systematic decision-making errors made by humans. See the Psychology of Investing.